Happy New Year to everyone! Here are some great Forex trading tips and resources…

Have spent some time over the holidays doing some research on good Forex trading tips and resources for you. OK so some of  those I have found haven’t given any new information but have found a few really useful resources.

Check out these below –

  • www.forextradepoint.netI thought this was good as it gives you an indication of the general direction of the currency pair – pretty much general market sentiment for daily and weekly trends. Its pretty useful – you can then trade more long or short positions depending on the trend direction.
  • Some general fundamental and Forex trading research resource over at crooksblog.sovereignsociety.com
  • A Forex broker comparison table over at www.tradeforexfromhome.com so you can look quickly and easily to see which broker offers the best options to open an account with.

Will be looking for some more tips and resources for you in addition to my own!

Good Trading – To Your Success.

Best wishes