London (PRWEB) July 14, 2011

Trading volumes for the Alpari companies (“Alpari”), which are among the world?s fastest growing providers of online foreign exchange (?Forex?, ?FX?) trading services, reached a record high of over $ 210 billion in May 2011. This represents a 31% gain in the six months since November 2010, when trading volumes stood at $ 160 billion.

Daniel Skowronski, Chief Commercial Officer at Alpari (UK) and Chief Executive Officer of Alpari (US), says, ?This year has been extraordinarily successful for the Alpari companies. As even more traders around the globe enjoy the benefits of trading with us, monthly trading volumes have reached record highs. The $ 210 billion level is a new milestone in our history and we will continue to enhance and expand our services to make the group of Alpari companies even bigger and better for the global trading community.?

The Alpari companies are proud to announce the number of active trading accounts for the first time. In the 12-month period from 1 June 2010 to 31 May 2011 the Alpari companies served a total of 173,261 active Live accounts.

Alpari companies? expansion

The Alpari companies continuously grow their network and broad product portfolio. This spring Alpari (UK) added a new brokerage to the Alpari group of companies when it acquired CMS Japan K.K.; renamed Alpari Japan K.K. Through its subsidiary, Alpari (UK) will offer a full range of products and services to Japanese customers.

Alpari (UK) also expanded its CFDs earlier this year. Its clients can now access 10,000+ markets via the innovative QTrader and L2 Dealer platforms.

At the end of May, another independent Alpari broker, Alpari Financial Services, opened its doors for business and began accepting clients, strengthening the companies? position as a market leader.

Alpari (US) recently released the live version of the Alpari FXOptions trading platform, now available to all Alpari (US) clients. Alpari (US) was the first US retail broker to offer spot Forex and options trading from one margin account. Spinning off the launch of Alpari FXOptions, Alpari (US) further developed its offering to meet the demand for reduced trading requirements and to make Forex options more accessible to clients interested in trading smaller volumes. With the new Mini FXOptions account, Alpari clients can get started trading spot and Forex options from one margin account with a reduction in minimum trading volume from 1 standard lot (100,000) to 1 mini lot (10,000) and a minimum deposit requirement of $ 2,000.

Alpari (US) also enhanced the internet presence for its Alpari Pro division, now offering various solutions for professional traders who wish to trade larger volumes and partners looking to expand their businesses.

On the institutional side, Alpari (US) launched QuantumFX in 2011, a state-of-the-art trading platform providing corporations, hedge funds, banks and high frequency trading institutions globally with access to a diverse and deep liquidity pool via a central clearing counter-party model with multiple execution mechanisms.

Alpari (Russia) launched mobile trading platform Alpari iTrader for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Other regions will soon announce their mobile Alpari trading platforms.

Skowronski comments, ?It?s the choice of products that we offer to our clients and the quality of service that make us stand out. Forex is a fast-moving industry and we believe as a leading broker we have to have true experts based around the globe who forecast trends and help develop products that drive the Forex market forward.?

The Alpari companies are committed to offering their clients information and valuable research tools that help them make better-informed trading decisions. Over the past few months the companies have further enhanced their research offering ? all free for clients with a Live trading account with an Alpari company.

Face to face with Alpari

The Alpari companies regularly meet the trading community at conferences and events in a wide range of countries. Alpari Financial Services (India), for example, welcomed traders at the Vibrant Gujarat event in January of this year. Vibrant Gujrat is one of the biggest business events in India and Alpari (India) played a major role in educating and informing visitors about Forex trading.

Alpari (US) sponsored the Traders Expo New York and Alpari (UK) the London Investor Show FOREX in February as well as the International Traders Expo London in April. In March Alpari (Deutschland) contributed a trade stand and education to Invest 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany, and Alpari (UK) was also the official partner of the Middle East Forex Trading Expo in April.

Further events planned for this year include the Futures & Forex Expo on 22-24 September at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, US and the Traders Expo Las Vegas on 16-19 November, also at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

About the Alpari companies

With a history dating back to 1998, the Alpari companies (?Alpari?) are among the world?s fastest growing providers of online foreign exchange (?FX?, ?Forex?) trading services. The group of Alpari companies has more than 50 offices in over 20 countries. Locations include London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai, Moscow, Mumbai and Frankfurt. Combined, the companies look after over 170,000 active Live trading accounts, generating monthly trading volumes in excess of $ 210 billion, and employ over 630 people worldwide.*

Alpari (UK) Limited is an award-winning Forex, CFD and precious metals broker headquartered in the heart of the City of London and with subsidiaries in Germany, Japan and India as well as a Representative Office in China. Alpari (UK) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the United Kingdom. FSA Register number 448002. Company No. 05284142.

Alpari (Deutschland) GmbH, based in Frankfurt, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpari (UK). Alpari (Deutschland) provides investment services to retail and institutional investors in the German-speaking region as a tied agent of Falcon Asset Management GmbH, K