Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

Attain Capital Management has released their Semi-Annual CTA Rankings in their free weekly newsletter this week, highlighting some of the best performing CTAs in the industry and their performance metrics.

Managed Futures refer to a type of alternative investment which relies on professional investment managers known as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), who specializes in the trading of commodity futures and options by placing trades from both the long and short side. The rankings are designed to provide a picture of which managed futures programs do a good job of not just providing returns, but also managing risk. The goal is to show which CTAs are “best” across all of the factors important to this type of investment. This includes all of the risk factors- not just return based rankings.

“Attain Capital is dedicated to providing in-depth education on managed futures, CTAs and the programs they offer,” said Walter Gallwas, Attain Capital’s President. “What better way to share the results of the work we’ve done than using the data we’ve collected to help educate potential investors on the programs available and what they have to give?”

The rankings have been published twice a year since 2002 on programs Attain tracks, and will be expanded in this edition to include rankings based on the “highest lows,” or how well programs have done during their worst one and three year (rolling) periods. The addition comes as part of Attain’s dedication to continually expanding and enhancing its analysis of CTA performance.

“The advantage of the Attain CTA [rankings] is that it weights its rankings over longer periods of time. Many other rankings tend to emphasize returns of the last month. This is basically like awarding the major league batting title to the last guy to hit a grand slam rather that the guy that produced the most hits over the course of a season,” explained Brince Wilford, manager of Covenant Capital Management, ranked 5th in the overall rankings. “The single most important thing advisors can help investors do is determine what performance is derived from skill rather than luck, and the Attain rankings seem to do this better than others.”

The rankings can be viewed on the Attain Capital website. Click here to view:

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Attain Capital Management is a commodity futures brokerage and research firm specializing exclusively in managed futures, trading systems, and managed forex. Their focus is on helping people find the investment program that is right for them through advanced data, exhaustive research, and ongoing education. With clients in over 44 countries, Attain consistently contributes quality managed futures research and analysis via their popular weekly email newsletter and daily blog.

Disclaimer: Managed futures, commodity trading, forex trading, and other alternative investments are complex and carry a risk of substantial losses. They are not suitable for all investors.