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In fact, it is probably true to say that a novice is better off with a straightforward system that does not make money, than a complex one that does. Since he can use a demo account, he will not lose any real money. He can study all the techniques of trading and build his confidence and trading discipline without ever being tempted to go live. In fact, probably the best advice a novice can hear is to start with the simplest automated forex trading system that he can find.
If you are buying an automated forex trading system online, be sure to choose something uncomplicated. Many people make the slip-up of believing that a successful robot will be complex and hard. This is not true. What is difficult in forex trading is implementing the system. This requires a cool head and a good knowledge of the tools of technical analysis. The simpler a system is, the more likely it is that a new trader will be able to execute it well without making mistakes.�
The best automated forex trading system is one that is presented and used by somebody who is truly making money with it themselves. Anybody who has a personal contact with a successful forex trader has a colossal advantage here because they can most likely direct you in the right direction. But keep in mind that they will not necessarily be able to just hand over their success to you on a silver platter. Often, a trader has taken years or even decades working on their discipline to make them able to use a specific approach successfully. They probably also have a large account balance which gives them a wider choice of broker and more flexibility over lot sizes and leverage.�
All we need is a trading system that returns an enduring profit. It does not have to be huge profit, it will add up over time. It does not have to be always successful, either. We must just set our risk low enough that even the worst possible series of losses will not wipe us out, and then statistics will take over.
It is easy to become disillusioned when systems turn to dust right under our nose again and again. However, all we have to do is do a little investigation and there is every chance of finding a good, feasible forex robot rising out of that dust. We just have to lower our expectations and know that any system will have variable results. This is partially because of the inconsistencies of the market and to a degree because of the inconsistencies of human traders.�
Most traders searching for an automated forex trading system are probing for the holy grail. That is, the one flawless trading technique that will make consistent money, if not every single time, then at least 90% of the time. Information in advertisements of forex robot programs that have an astoundingly high success rate maintain the idea that such a perfect or near flawless forex trading system exists. And yet when the common trader starts using these systems, all of a sudden the success rate is not so high after all. The perfect method, like the renowned holy grail, cannot be found.
Automated Forex Trading System �(Forex Robot Software): The Holy Grail?

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