(PRWEB) July 15, 2011

According to the Binary Options spokesperson, these promotions have been ?specifically and directly negotiated with the binary options brokers.? This means that traders can take advantage of welcome bonuses and have the chance to receive iPads and other gifts sent directly to them, once they have deposited a minimum amount of funds into their trading accounts.

The new section is arranged in a table format so that the readers have the option to compare the promotions offered by the various brokers, against each other before making their choice. The layout also enables the users to click on the brokers? logos and to be directed to trading reviews. This helps the user to choose their broker more carefully before they make the decision about depositing. The user can also click the ?trade? button directly from the promotions table to be directed to the broker, where as a result of a tracking code the site logs the specific promotion promised to the BinaryOptionStrategy traders.

The networks spokeswoman explained the benefits of having a publisher negotiate a promotion on the traders? behalf, ?There is more bargaining power when a large number of traders get together and request a better deal as a group. This is something we decided to do on behalf of our readers which have become a trading community. We are often personally in touch with them, we ask for feedback and personal reviews on the various brokers.?

BinaryOptionStrategy which is available in different languages including English, Arabic and German, is the leading resource for traders who are looking for trading tools, market analysis, financial news and broker reviews. The network is soon to be launching in French.

Binary Options, a simple and fun way to trade Forex, commodities and stocks, give the biggest profits to the trader; often up to 81%.

Many are calling this new investment vehicle ?financial gaming? and it?s definitely creating a stir in the markets. We?ve built this portal to offer traders and gamers alike the opportunity to learn and about binary options and to be part of a growing community.

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