(PRWEB) November 30, 2011

A new software program, Forex Arbitrage?, developed by Austin, Texas-based software programming firm Sharptrade Partners, LLC, allows Forex traders to easily exploit real-time inefficiencies in the Forex markets, allowing them to increase profits while reducing risk, the company announced today.

Forex Arbitrage? simultaneously tracks the movements of selected currencies on multiple exchanges, and alerts traders to pricing discrepancies that arise in the markets. Traders can then use arbitrage techniques to profit from market movements when the exchanges close the gap. For example, if a currency is trading at a lower price in one market than in another, the trader can simultaneously take a long position in the cheaper market while taking a short position in the more expensive market. When the gap between the two prices closes, the trader profits from the rise in the cheaper price and a decline in the higher price.

?Historically, only Wall Street fat cats with the most advanced resources were able to use arbitrage opportunities to generate trading profits,? said Jason Fielder, managing member of Sharptrade Partners, LLC. ?Forex Arbitrage, our new software program, levels the playing field, because it allows the small investor to take advantage of the same real-time market insights that until now only large companies could exploit.?

Forex Arbitrage? will appeal to Forex traders who place their own brokerage orders, and who rely in technical analysis to make investment decisions.

Forex Arbitrage? is designed exclusively for the popular Metatrader 4? online Forex trading platform. Metatrader 4? is a free Forex pricing software program that allows traders to view and analyze currency price changes and buy and sell Forex online.

For more information, visit the Sharptrade Partners LLC Website at http://www.foreximpact.com, or call 512-394-8188

About Jason Fielder

Jason Fielder is a ten year Forex currency trading veteran, and though you?ve never seen him on CNBC, he?s become a widely followed and respected Forex ?guru? because he?s helped thousands of traders with the systems and tools he?s developed and published.

Never comfortable in the spotlight, Jason has purposely remained ?underground? for the better part of his trading career, so he doesn?t appear on television or accept invitations to speak at conferences.

Trading has been Jason?s passion for the past 18 years. He has been a full-time professional trader since 2006.

About Sharptrade Partners, LLC

Sharptrade Partners, LLC is an Austin, Texas-based trading advisory and software development firm founded by Jason Fielder. The company has produced popular training videos on trading techniques, as well as several cutting-edge software products, including Triad Formula?, Delphi Scalper?, and the unique Correlation Code? email alert service.

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