The Forex market is huge, with in excess of 3 trillion dollars traded per day. It is therefore not surprising that there are many Brokers in the market place competing for a share of this business. But which Broker should you choose? As with any thing in life, the broker that is best suited for one trader may not best another.

When selecting a Forex Broker you will need to choose one that most closely matches your personal requirements. In order to do this you will firstly need to determine what your particular trading requirements are. For example if you intend to follow a scalping strategy then finding a broker with a low spread and quick execution will be paramount. If you are a longer term trader then these requirements may not be at the foremost of your thoughts. Instead it may be the news feeds supplied or technical resources on offer that determine the broker you choose.

To find out what is on offer from a broker the first place to start is the Forex brokers website. This will contain all the information that you need about their services; the currency pairs they offer, their dealing platform and account opening information. From this information you can begin to build a profile of the Broker.

The dealing platform is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you will make when it comes to settling on a broker. Therefore it makes sense to get exposure to the platform before committing to a live account. Most brokers will allow you to download their trading platform and try it out via a demo account first. This means that not only can practice getting to grips with the platform in a risk free environment, you can also check out the resources on offer. Note however that some features may be restricted to live account clients only.

It is common now for many brokers to offer more than one dealing platform. It is therefore worthwhile in making comparison between the platforms on offer to find which works best for you. Ultimately the platform that you chose is important because it is your interface to the brokers dealing desk. Other things to consider are whether you want an internet based client or a platform that you download onto your personal machine. Mobile trading is also increasingly becoming an important consideration for many traders.

For those who are new to Forex Trading, it is also important to consider how much help the broker will provide for you. Some brokers cater more specifically for those taking their first steps with Forex trading, providing educational material in the form of ebooks or video courses. These can provide a great source of information for the beginner. It is also possible to find dealing platforms specifically designed with the beginner in mind. These tend to focus on the fun elements of trading with games designed to introduce the beginner to basic trading concepts.

Ultimately take time before making your selection. Your broker is your interface to the Forex markets and therefore also the interface by which you will win or lose money. Select from the range of Forex Brokers carefully. One final thought is that if you are following several strategies it may make sense to run separate broker accounts for each strategy. Each broker would be selected for offering the best approach for each of the strategies you are trading.

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