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Forex Market – The 7 Best Currencies

Forex Market – The 7 Best Currencies

So you have found the Forex Market, now what? There are many currency pairs to trade and profit from the Forex market, however these are the ones with most liquidity and classified as the ‘major currencies’: USD – US Dollar GBP – Great British Pound EUR – Eurozone Euro JPY – Japanese Yen CHF – […]

How To Make Consistant Profits Forex Tra...

How To Make Consistant Profits Forex Trading

Why Do Some Traders Make Consistent Profits While Others Don’t? I’m guessing you’re like me. I want to make consistent profits when I’m Forex trading. There’s so much time and skill invested in being able to trade really well that it’s worth while finding some time to understand what it takes to make consistent profits […]

How the Pros trade the Financial Markets

Forex Trading Tips

So trading any financial market will require time sitting at a desk watching the charts as price moves (or doesn’t!). Now this is the thing, if price isn’t moving as normal, then the question is do you sit and wait or close down your monitors and go and do something else!? What do you think […]

Trading Forex – How Much Money Do I Need

Being well-funded is every traders dream when trading the Forex market! However, you can build yourself a trading strategy based on a smaller account size. When trading the Forex marekt, if you find yourself under-funded, then a good idea is to use a well thought through stop loss strategy and trade a small time frame, […]

So How Do You Become A Successful Forex ...

Forex Trading Tips

So how do you become a successful Forex trader?  Why are some people successful and others lose money and give up? Well, in my opinion it’s about doing everything right, in the right order! Be strategic and systematic in your approach and don’t become emotionally attached to making money as a Forex trader. By making […]

Forex Trading Strategy To Maximise Your ...

Forex Trading Strategy To Maximise Your Profits

To make consistent profits for a long and successful trading career, your trading strategy should not include trying to make a quick buck riding the major economic news, for example trading during Non-Farm Payroll (the exception maybe if you have specific software to trade this highly volatile period as part of your overall trading strategy). […]

Forex Trading Strategy

Forex Trading Strategy

I’ve been trading the Forex market for over 10 years and have also taught others. The one piece of advice I always give is that it’s really important to plan your trade and then trade that plan. To formulate your trading strategy, use software such as MT4 and back test your stratgy over at least […]

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