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Forex Trading Strategy To Maximise Your ...

Forex Trading Strategy To Maximise Your Profits

To make consistent profits for a long and successful trading career, your trading strategy should not include trying to make a quick buck riding the major economic news, for example trading during Non-Farm Payroll (the exception maybe if you have specific software to trade this highly volatile period as part of your overall trading strategy). […]

Forex Trading Strategy

Forex Trading Strategy

I’ve been trading the Forex market for over 10 years and have also taught others. The one piece of advice I always give is that it’s really important to plan your trade and then trade that plan. To formulate your trading strategy, use software such as MT4 and back test your stratgy over at least […]

5 More Reasons To Use Fundamentals In Fo...

5 More Reasons To Use Fundamentals In Forex Trading

So why should Fundamentals be added to your Forex trading strategy? Here are 5 reasons to read around the subject of Forex trading and general economic factors. 1. Firstly factors like Retail Sales figures and GDP will move the market. If your Forex trading strategy includes trading these events and it’s a fully back-tested plan […]

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