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A currency trader recently reported a return of over 2000% using forex trading strategies he learned from a popular review site. The trader said he used some of the day trading strategies he discovered on to make big profits on the forex markets, which he planned to use to pay off his mortgage.

The trader?s success highlighted the increasing popularity of foreign exchange trading in recent years as well as the need for investors to have effective currency trading strategies. Chris Beauchamp, a market analyst for IG Index said that forex trading is now ?very close on the heels of ever-popular indices such as the Dow and FTSE.?

This has also fueled the demand for winning forex trading strategies among traders looking to enjoy high returns from currency trading. The need for day trading strategies was due to the risks involved in currency trading as well as the continuing volatility of the currency markets.

Analysts pointed out that the interest among investors was sparked by recent economic developments affecting currency movements that included the Euro debt crisis and interventions by central banks to control currencies, which allowed those with good forex strategies to take advantage of the news.

One example of this was the rumored move last August by the Swiss National Bank to defend the franc by pegging it against the euro, which caused the franc to drop sharply by nine percent. Traders using day trading strategies were able to make unexpected profits from the move, although others also suffered losses.

But they also warned that volatility remained the biggest risk for traders and this should determine the best trading strategies they use. According to Standard Chartered bank, FX volatility was expected to remain high in 2012 due to concerns by investors over Chinese monetary and fiscal policy following the first cut the government made in the reserve requirement ratio at end-November.

An EBusiness Reviews spokesperson said the site would continue to strive to provide the best forex trading strategies for its users in the coming year, as well as other useful content.

The site recently posted its latest review of forex broker services in order to help readers make the decision about which one to sign up with, as well as new posts on fundamental day trading strategies such as trading with an automated forex robot and the three best places to invest your money in 2012.

The spokesman added that the most popular forex trading strategies currently being used by investors involved scalping or quick dips in and out of the market to take advantage of small movements to make gains.

The most traded currency pair would remain the euro/dollar due to the continuing Eurozone crisis and the possibility of the Fed imposing further quantitative easing that could weaken the dollar. This meant that the currency trading strategies that traders will adopt involve avoiding the dollar while continuing to buy the euro.

The satisfied trader said he would continue to use best trading strategies from EBusiness Reviews in his trading activities.

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