Currency trading for beginners can seem confusing, so here I am going to give you a system you can learn in a few hours max which can lead you to currency trading success and gains of 100% or more per annum.

I write currency articles but I am not just a writer I am a trader and have been for over 25 years.

I am not a self proclaimed expert who will tell you I win every trade I don’t but I do know from experience that this method will help get the odds in your favor and lead you to currency trading success, if you understand how to use it properly.

In 25 years I have tried lots of different trading methods and the one I am outlining here is the simplest method I use and probably one of the most effective.

I call it Fundo-Tech trading and it is as it sounds – a method that focuses both on fundamentals and technical inputs and it’s easy to use and apply. You see lots of advertising from vendors how you can predict currency prices with scientific accuracy, all for a few hundred bucks!

Well, the answer most of these guys are writers not traders or they wouldn’t make such claims. If you want to enjoy currency trading success ignore them – trading is a game of odds not certainties and

Fundo-Tech trading is simply designed to play the odds.

If you do you will make a lot of money, so let’s look at this currency trading system.

The fundamentals are for defining strong currencies, the technicals are used for timing entry.

Currencies move to the long term fundamentals and that’s a fact – that’s why the long term trends last for months or years but the problem is:

Their hard to trade, as humans we all see the facts, but myself, you and millions of others, draw our own conclusions from what we see and we don’t all see the facts in the same way.

An equation for market movement is:

Fundamentals + Human Perception = Price direction.

So it’s the fundamentals that drive long term trends and humans in between move prices to far in either direction as they are influenced by greed and fear and cause prices to be overbought and oversold – these levels can be seen on price charts and allow you to time your entry.

So its pick currencies with great fundamentals and use forex charts to time entry.

Now let’s take economies with strong currencies.

Currencies that rise in value tend to have good interest rate earnings, strong economies, and budget surpluses and export more than they import.

Let’s take the US dollar

The American economy has a huge debt (and so are its people) and the budget deficit is huge and finally, it is a net importer of raw materials ( with oil being major one) that are rising in price.

Now let’s take a strong currency:

The Canadian Dollar.

Canada is rich in commodities including oil it sells, has a huge budget surplus and has good interest rate earnings.

The Canadian dollar therefore has stronger fundamentals and should rise against the US Dollar and it has. In fact if you check out my other articles I stated this months ago and the currency has soared.

Picking the direction is easy, entering the trade with good risk reward is a different matter and is the hard part for most traders.

Let’s look at how to enter correctly to get the odds in your favor this is the technical bit.

When resistance forms it simply means supply and demand are in equilibrium below the level and when prices break to a new high supply and demand are out of synch.

The key is to buy breaks of resistance on rising momentum in strong currencies – were not looking to buy lows! This is called breakout trading and it’s a fact that most of the biggest moves come from new highs NOT market lows.

Forget all the buy low sell high is a great way to trade – it’s not as you will miss the best moves – waiting for pullbacks that never come – when prices break they accelerate away from the breakout point quickly and the odds are in your favor, if you go with the break.

They key is to use momentum indicators to confirm the break so you know price momentum is accelerating.

Does this method sound simple?

Well it is – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make money it does and you can see it graphically in a trade such as the Canadian Dollar.

The best currency trading systems are simple as they are robust in the face of ever changing brutal market conditions and have fewer elements to break than complicated ones.

Another key to currency trading success is understanding the logic of your currency trading strategy so you can have confidence in it and this one is easy to understand and apply.

You can learn it in a few hours and you should be able to apply it in around 30 minutes a day. No intra day monitoring is needed.

So if you want a simple way to make money and enjoy currency trading success, try the above blend of fundamentals and technical’s, and get on the road to bigger FX profits.



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