Limassol, Cyprus (PRWEB) January 8, 2008

The revolutionary online Forex trading platform eToro announced today that more than 50,000 customers have opened a trading account with it since its launce just four months ago. Learn forex. Practice forex trading.

“We were expecting lots of individuals to register with eToro, but the numbers took even us by surprise,” said Johnathan Assia, CEO of eToro. “I suppose eToro really is able to give people trading conditions they cannot get on any other platform.”

Priding itself on offering the first online forex trading platform that is simple and user-friendly, eToro can now boldly say that it was able to hold up to its premise. Innovative and unique, reliable and secure, eToro has become a symbol of excellence. In an era when electronic and technical cleverness rule and where bars are constantly being raised, eToro has become a leader of the industry. Not only does it continually challenge common conceptions and improve its services, it also perpetually redefines traders, trading, and the market.

eToro firmly believes in offering its clients the most well-rounded and inclusive trading experience. Part of eToro’s mission is to teach, educate, and offer plenty of opportunities to practice Forex trading. The more informed an individual is, eToro believes, the more weight s/he will place on each decision they make. And decision making is in fact, a crucial element of successful trading. The clever and clear visuals that eToro uses to represent the Forex market combined with the large amounts of knowledge that eToro offers, the accuracy of data, and the access to ever updated information are all important features of eToro that distinguish it from other trading platforms.

“We didn’t want individuals to simply visit eToro, we wanted them to re-visit it, over and over. We wanted to wow them with all of our special features and to win their trust. The numbers show that we must have succeeded,” said Johnathan, before adding “and we succeeded in such little time.”

In 2006 three young professionals who were eager to challenge the foreign exchange market came together and established eToro. Today, eToro is partnering with many worldwide accomplished Forex trading and hedging companies that wish to offer the eToro trading experience to their customers.

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