Foreign exchange market provides a lucrative opportunity to work from home and earn money. All you need is proper knowledge of forex trading and the right dealing.

If you have prior experience of forex market than you just need to remove the dust from your mind and you are all set to start On the contrary if you are fresher than you need to first of all clear the concept and then practise. Once you have done enough practise than you are all ready to start the work.

What is Foreign Exchange?
Foreign exchange means forex trading. In forex trading you deal with currencies. You buy currency in less rate and sell it on high rate. Forex trading is just like any other trading market. Forex market works 24*5. The market opens in Morning and closes in Friday. The two widely traded currencies are US dollar and Europe.Forex trade is done on internet and Phone. Forex market unlike many other businesses work globally.

Why Forex exchange ?
Forex market serves as biggest market as traders get opportunity to earn maximum profit from minimum investment. You can get leverage of 100 – 1 which means if you are investing 0 than may get leverage of 000. This is the reason why traders can earn profit if the rate of currency bought goes high. You need not to have mammoth bank balance to start with, you can just start with a investment of 0. In order to be on safer side it is advisable that you should use STOP LOSS so that your position can be liquidated without much loss. It is like jumping from ship into cold water with warm swim suit.

How to start ?
First of all find a forex website and make an account. Most of the websites provide demo account so that you can practise in demo account . Once you are comfortable than you can start trading on live account.

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