For the last couple of years every person in every country have heard such words as “global recession”, “financial crisis”, “banking collapse”. Financial crisis made suffer lots of people around the globe affecting all sectors of the economy. Many things have already been said about the world financial downturn but its consequences are important for us now. The first results of the global recession are inflation rate rise, sharp jump in jobless rate, dramatically decreased wages (almost 50% wage cut), drop in equity prices, bearish demand for all goods and services and as a result price reduction.

These factors, reasoned by the world crisis, have produced negative influence into economy development of all countries of the world. As a result, financial markets, Forex currency market in particular, suffer a difficult period of time. Though, speaking about Foreign exchange, if we consider the fact that here people trade currency pairs, remaining a legal tender for all debts anyway, nevertheless, the current crisis has influenced Forex market in two ways, both positively and negatively. Let us start from circumstances. There is a feature that is common for all Forex trading platforms is rapidness of everything happening there, the speed of events does not allow some traders work getting profit. What is it about? One of the main source of changes is politics of different states: presidents, prime ministers, ministers of finance, central bank chairmen often make really loud statements about price forecasts, strategic economic decisions etc. But we are aware of the fact that a single statement, even that one which has no arguments to be based on, may result in the difference of currency pairs.

That is why the price actions are difficult to forecast. This situation needs taking decisions with risk for your own capital. Many trading newbies as well as experienced Forex traders could not manage such a flow of information and failed to earn money. Nowadays traders need to mobilize their-selves as only the most quick-witted traders will be able to achieve success. They could adjust to this fluent rhythm continuing successful and profitable playing in online Forex trades. You would ask what are the positive results of the recession`s influence on Forex currency market. Though Forex participants including central banks, interbanks, commercial banks, investment banks, Forex brokers, dealers, pension funds, insurance companies, international corporations suffer a difficult period, the stock market is in the state of even bigger collapse. Forex market continues working, remaining profitable and relatively stable. In spite of financial collapse traders go on making their profitable transactions using their trading techniques. The reason of this fact is that fall in a single currency rate inevitable brings rise in another one. In some cases Forex quotes change by quite correct forecasts.

As some exceptions from this rule may occur, currency is still a sort of commodity needed always and everywhere. Therefore, all abovementioned facts may be concluded into the main idea that the world economic crisis has both positive and negative influence on Forex market. Under such difficult financial circumstances the handling mechanisms of these processes remained working and even more efficient bringing further profits to market participants. Forex seems to be the exit from the global recession for many people. The only upsetting thing is that not all traders managed to adjust to new work conditions of the market that coped with the problems and keeps on staying afloat.

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