Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 20, 2010

Launched in September of 2010, is now live and provides Forex traders with up to date financial news, market analysis over the internet through video commentary presented by April Rose, an entertainment spokesmodel. Designed specifically for the Forex trader, at home or in the office, provides relevant and useful FX market information that is safe for work and comes in a tantalizing package.

More about the new site:

The team obtains Forex news from multiple sources, the information is then interpreted by professional FX market analysts and then scripted for the spokesmodels to present to Forex traders. news is updated daily with videos so that the market information is always fresh and relevant. is a member-based site, membership is free and anyone can join the site. Once a member has signed up, they have full access to market information, the Fox Den, bio’s for the spokesmodels and access to the model photo gallery that is updated daily. Members will receive a monthly newsletter with FX market information in the same teaser style commentary that the FoxyForex site has to offer. Members can interact with other member traders, or the models, and engage on a variety of topics on the discussion boards. The member community can email questions in for April Rose and the other spokesmodels.

The Fox Den is a video library of Forex market information accessible only by the community. A FoxyForex field reporter introduces each video in a 20 to 30 second, light-hearted, humorous spot. After the introduction, April Rose presents actionable, yet alluring, Forex news in two to three minute segments per video. April Rose’s video segments are loaded with educational information that Forex traders can use to shape their daily trades.

There is never any nudity or profanity on so it is always safe for work. deliberately plays up the camp and kitsch of jokes delivered by the Field Correspondents for amusement.

More about the Foxes:

April Rose is a spokesperson and model with significant entertainment credentials including high profile television and radio properties to local appearances in Chicago. In 2008, April Rose was voted the Maxim “Hometown Hottie”. April Rose is the lead news anchor.

Crystal McCahil was Playboy Playmate of the Month in May of 2009. Crystal has appeared as herself on several episodes of the reality TV show The Girls Next Door. Crystal appears in several archived videos in the Fox Den.

In addition to April Rose and Crystal McCahil, you can find about a dozen Field Correspondents presenting sophisticated amusement with ironic value. Each Field Correspondent has photos in the photo gallery and a full biography accessible to members. New Field Correspondents are added each week.

Behind the scenes photos and outtakes can be found on both Twitter and Facebook.



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