www.ForexCoachingPros.com http www.forexeducationstation.com Stephen Story discusses the benefits of learning Forex Trading from others as opposed to hacking through it on your own.
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www.forexmalibu.com – Tiger Time Lanes Trade Room Moderator and Fibonacci Grid Day Trader Sam Shakespeare was ON FIRE in todays live scalping session. He begins by jumping into a Long Eur/Jpy Trade that he quikly banks +10 pips in less than one minute! Shortly after he enters two simultaneous Long trades in Eur/Usd and Eur/Jpy. Again, he quickly takes these two trades into profit within 5 minutes, earning +11 on Eur/Jpy and on the Eur/Usd trade he nets +10 on half and +15 on the second half. He follows up by taking a -10 on Gbp/Usd (Cable), but finishes on a positive note with another Cable trade and one more on Eur/Usd. After all is said and done, Sam profits +40 pips!! …all within half an hour! youtu.be