It is more often than not agreed that a decent easy forex trading method involves approaching the trend, but what do you do when there is no clear trend? This is real a large half of the time and it can be acutely frustrating, especially for the inexperienced foreign exchange trader.

Sometimes you might identify another currency pair where a trend based trade can be opened, but often this is not the case. Besides, dealing with a lot of different currency pairs is confusing. Confusion leads to mistakes. So instead, you might want to learn some strategies for trading in a choppy market.

Of course, you should begin by practicing these techniques in a demo account. This would be a very good use of your time which you might otherwise spend trying to force a trade from very weak signals. So how do you get started? Here are 5 tips for easy forex trading in a fluctuating market.

1. First, check the economic calendar to be sure that the movements you are seeing are not caused by a clash of reports that will soon settle down. Two important announcements in a short time can produce some very weird effects on the market. In a situation like that you would be better off staying out of the market for a few hours. There are no easy forex strategies for that situation.

2. Look at support and resistance levels and pivot points. In an ideal choppy market the support and resistance lines will be parallel and you can expect the market to turn when it approaches them. Check against another indicator such as the stochastic oscillator. If it shows that the price is in the overbought or oversold range, you have another signal for the trade.

3. If the support and resistance lines are converging, a breakout is likely. In this case you cannot assume that the price will always turn. You may prefer to set orders outside the range of the converging lines to catch a breakout when it occurs. But again, check your conclusions against at least one other indicator.

4. Check your planned trade against other currency pairs that tend to be closely related to your selected pair. For example, EUR/USD and USD/CHF tend to be inversely related, which means that one of them will generally fall when the other rises. The same is true of EUR/GBP and GBP/CHF.

5. Do not expect to leave your trade open for a long time. Watch the market without being distracted into something else. Trading in a choppy market is necessarily short term. You need to exit as soon as your profit target or stop loss is reached.

In summary, you can expect to be able to trade in a choppy market if prices are going up and down in a fairly regular pattern, but not if price movements are completely wild. Some days it is better to forget about trading and do something else with your time. There is no easy forex trade to be had in a crazy market. Always want to have financial freedom? Check out Program. It’ll change your Life Forever!

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