Since there is so much Forex Training around I thought I would add my thoughts. So I guess the main categories would be:

  • To pay for a Forex Training course
  • To surf the net – but how do you know what to look for…when…well when you don’t know what to look for!
  • Look to a reputable Forex broker and find one which suits you, your location and offers some good Forex Training (take a look at this Forex Broker Review page to see which have training)
  • Buy a Forex Training guide and find some free Forex Training to develop your Forex Trading plan and experience. For FREE Forex Training add your details in the boxes on the right so I know where to send the information to.
  • Hire a Forex pro to teach you. Again expensive and probably not necessary at the beginning.
  • Join a Forex Training forum

Forex training courses are again really expensive. I spent alot of money on a weekend course (mostly about trading the Stock market) a few years ago – promised much but never delivered. It seemed to be more like a hyped marketing-led tactic than a serious training event for thoise who wanted to learn how to trade successfully.

So what do you do? Surf the net – good idea…ahh but what do you look for when you don’t have the knowledge or Forex Training to know what to look for?

So I think we can cross that off the list then – for the moment at least, when you are starting out anyway. OK – so next is a good Forex broker. There are many about and many have much to offer. Check out this list of Forex Broker Review to help you decide who offers what and whats right for you. Some brokers will have good Forex Training either online, at their offices and with live chat – and some even offer competitions and forums. Take a look!

So moving on to a good Forex Training guide. To start this one ‘Trade Forex From Home’ (available from is well worth a read without being complicated or full of jargon. Well I would say that – I wrote it. OK but thats because there was so much out there online and after having paid lots of money for the weekend course I decided to write it to help you make a start with your Forex Training.

Tell you what if you add your details to the boxes on the to right I can send you part of the guide for FREEĀ  so you can take a look and see what you think.

You could hire a Forex Training pro to help and advise you too but they are expensive and to be honest its good to figure this stuff out for yourself sometimes after having some kind of initial introduction from either a Forex broker or a Forex Training guide like the one I mentioned.

The last option I can think of is a Forex Training forum. Again a really good place to learn but you will need some Forex Training first or else you won’t know what everyone is talking about!

Well hope that helps and at least gives you some ideas and options. Trading the Forex market can be very profitable if you do it right so its important to learn the right way. There’s loads of free stuff out there but you will need to buy some stuff – possible a couple of books or a Forex Training guide.

Oh – I nearly forgot.

Head over to your right and check out the most popular Forex Training books on Amazon – that will help too!

And…before I go you can ask any questions about Forex Training over at in the questions and Answers page.

Go ahead…ask away!

Well thats it for now – hope you enjoyed the read. To Your Success as always.


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