Bingham Farms, MI (PRWEB) October 18, 2011

Todd Mitchell, a veteran trader since 1988, will unveil his widely anticipated Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program at 12:00noon ET on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011.

Though thousands are expected to try their luck in securing a spot in Todd?s Forex for Profits mentoring program, he?s made it clear that he?ll only accept serious individuals who are willing to do what?s necessary to succeed as a trader.

?This is a total immersion program where each student will have rare and direct access to myself. As a result of my hands-on involvement with my students and my responsibility to my own proprietary trading accounts, I have to limit this class so that I can hone in and focus on being reducing their struggle and helping each student become more consistent, confident and profitable,? says Mitchell.

Mitchell continues: ?Inside the Forex for Profits mentoring program, my students will learn firsthand how and why traders are made, not born. This is a complete, comprehensive program that?s designed to take any trader from the early essentials of being a trader all the way through professional level strategies and analysis.?

Todd Mitchell became a phenomenon within various trading circles just by his ability to quickly analyze a chart, determine trend direction and identify high probability trading opportunities with astonishing accuracy and consistency.

Mitchell has received hundreds of testimonials from all around the world and has been touted as the secret weapon behind notable Wall Street professionals and over 6,000 regular traders worldwide.

Due to the unexpected high levels of interest, it?s projected that the Forex for Profits mentoring program will sell out within just a few days of opening.

Forex traders interested in becoming a student are encouraged to visit for more information.

ABOUT TODD MITCHELL: Todd Mitchell is a technical trader and has been investing in the markets since 1988. In addition to his own trading, he is a highly sought after trading mentor who has worked with thousands of students ranging from beginning traders to Wall Street millionaires. Mitchell is the founder of Trading Concepts and the originator of the widely-acclaimed ?Market Flow Analysis Method.?

ABOUT TRADING CONCEPTS: Trading Concepts is one of the oldest, most respected trading education companies in the world having mentored over 6,000 traders in forex, emini, options and stock trading since 1994 with hundreds of glowing testimonials. Trading Concepts students include both new and intermediate traders as well as individual professional traders, million dollar Market Makers and Wall Street professionals. To learn more about Trading Concepts and how to become a student, please visit