Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) July 13, 2011

A 100% free forex trading course is now available on Forex Trading

The course requires no sign-in or sign-up, and is set up like an online forex trading school which is accessed in one click from the site?s homepage.

The free release comes as Forex Trading Beginner relaunches to deliver true, meaningful information to people who want to learn to day trade forex.

?It?s a big market, and there?s always plenty of room for more traders,? Forex Trading Beginner representative Eva Iles said today.

?A lot of people have heard about forex trading, but they believe it?s too complex. It doesn?t need to be, and once you get started, day trading forex currency can really be quite simple,?

?People can see that?s it?s a great opportunity, but need a way to get started. Forex Trading Beginner now offers the forex secret trading information, that many companies charge thousands for, right there on the site, for free.?

?The course covers strategies, signals and technical analysis tools plus in-depth information about how to use candlestick charts. It also covers money safety, the best currencies to trade and the most important times to stay out of the forex market.?

?We also offer a free forex ebook download of the all-time classic trader?s tale, ?Reminiscences of a Stock Operator? by Edwin Le Fevre.

?This book was ghost-written on behalf of the man who made his fortune trading the stock market during early 20th century. It?s a fascinating story, and it also offers some rock-solid trading advice that all traders must abide by if they want to be successful?

?We have also launched our new Facebook page, and are very excited about reaching a whole new community of traders.?

?We are looking forward to reaching out and connecting with people as they try the forex tip trading techniques as set out on the Forex Trading Beginner website,? Iles stated.

?Each lesson in the free ecourse is useful on its own, and can be added to anyone?s strategy to achieve trading results,?

?But the real power is in combining all of the techniques, learning these trading rules and sticking with them, and then seeing what the reaction is.?

?Our trading philosophy is quite conservative ? we encourage people to only enter trades that they have a reasonable chance of making profits on,? Iles said.

?That is the downfall of many forex online trading systems that are out on the market right now, many selling for thousands of dollars. They encourage people to perform risky trades, too often.?

?We believe it?s not about the number of trades you perform, it?s the quality of those trades that count. If the numbers don?t stack up, or if your heart feels wrong when you?re about to trade, stay out of the market.?


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