Hong Kong (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

International Money transfers can now be done with fewer fees than before and with these types of transactions becoming common practice now, currency brokers have become tough competitors of high street banks who are struggling to compete with them. The Forex currency exchange company InvestTechFX suggests that these currency brokers are able to extend their fixing period to as long as 3 months and their currency exchange rates are wholesale when compared to the bank?s retail rates, which made them a better choice to carry out these financial transactions.

A Senior Currency Broker, Nigel, of Pounds-to-Euros.com is making attempts to change the perception of owners of overseas property and businesses that these international money transfers can be done more effectively with a currency broker than a high street bank. They have set up an updated currency converter, a table, and a free account option to obtain currency quotations on their website and hope that this will encourage new and potential clients to trust the brokerage industry more than the banks.

The online Fx trading company InvestTechFX is a proven leader in the industry of artificial intelligence software. Their advanced, customizable, intuitive, efficient, and sophisticated trading tools empower people to make the most of successful FX trading. The power and potential of their top notch trading technology systems operators in the computerized trading industry enables people to understand the trends and developments in the Forex trading markets to make correct decisions. The top online Forex operators have more than 20 years of experience in Forex currency exchanges and they offer new, exciting, and innovative solutions along with a detailed and comprehensive learning center that has all the necessary resources and tools for Forex ECN trading.


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