So trading any financial market will require time sitting at a desk watching the charts as price moves (or doesn’t!). Now this is the thing, if price isn’t moving as normal, then the question is do you sit and wait or close down your monitors and go and do something else!? What do you think the pro traders do?

The answer should be found in your trading strategy. In there should be a section for times to trade and times not to trade. You should have a strategy for these conditions:

  • When the market moves North
  • When the market moves South
  • When the market is going sideways
  • When the market isn’t moving at all

All I can advise is to be in control of your time trading – don’t get drawn into spending the whole day or night watching the market. Trading the financial markets should give you the freedom to enjoy at least part of your day away from your desk, assuming that’s your strategy!