Woburn, MA (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

ITM Financial, the Revolutionary Forex Social Signal Software Open to the Public for a Limited Time

The creators of the successful Internet Time Machine and cutting edge search engine, NowRelevant.com, are opening the doors to its revolutionary Forex social signal software, ITM Financial, to the public.

What is ITM Financial?

ITM Financial provides its members with Forex step-by-step training, and most importantly, easy-to-use Forex Signals software and alerts for placing long or short orders on the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market.

The main difference to other Forex Signal products is that the predictions are not based on PAST statistical forecast patterns and data, but on monitoring in real-time, among others, about 200,000 Forex active trading enthusiasts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter for indications and conversation as to how they are going to trade and what they are going to buy.

ITM Financial team have developed complex algorithms that harness the tidal waves worth of tweets and status updates that traders put out every day, analyze them for patterns, successful Forex trades, effects of LIVE news and technical analyses.

Most of the ITM Signals are momentum based indicators that work alongside other indicators in the code to predict movement. They are no robots, Expert Advisors and not anything close.

For a complete review please visit this ITM Financial Review site.

What is the intelligence behind ITM Financial?

ITM Financial was built by the creators of the successful Internet Time Machine, launched end 2009. It is highly sophisticated software that is monitoring over 55,000,000 sources every day. The Internet Time Machine?s engine is a huge database that is being constantly updated with the most current mentions on the internet. “The Latest Key phrases used in PPC ads, and conversation on Social networks, blogs, news groups, and mailing lists across the globe. The project had started back in 2oo6 and ever since the algorithms that evaluate the vast amount of information have been constantly improved and enhanced.

For more information on the Internet Time Machine please visit this Internet Time Machine review?.

In March 2010 the Internet Time Machine team also released their very own Search Engine, http://nowrelevant.com, specialized on presenting only very current information from the last 1-14 days. No cluttered irrelevant data (fake SEO pages, lo ranking sites,) as this has been filtered out for to achieve relevant Internet Time Machine results. Users decide how current they want the information to be that is returned by moving a slider to filter the results for the desired days, i.e. the last 3 days.

Additionally the NowRelevant offers an advertisement platform similar to Google Adwords. For more information on NowRelevant consult the following site?

The next extension to the Internet Time Machine project, on which the Team has been working for the last 7 years is ITM Financial, the revolutionary SOCIAL Forex signal software that is launching on February 23rd.

What does ITM Financial offer to its Forex trade users?

ITM Financial is an extremely easy-to-use Forex Signals platform. All Forex Signals can be viewed by logging into the ITM Financial Web-Based Platform. Even complete newbies will be able to take advantage within days, thanks to the 10 Hours of professionally recorded Step-by-Step Forex Training videos.

Daily emailed Forex Signal Alerts, with a 60 to 70% chance of profitability, come with the name of the Currency Pair, Entry and Exit Price, target price to set the Limits to, Stop Loss to place, and the direction of the trade (Long or Short).

e.g. EUR/USD, Entry: 1.3125, Exit: 1.3225, Stop Loss: 1.3095, Direction: LONG.

Each Signal includes a FX Chart to back the signal, showing why the system has predicted a particular move, explain why prices are what they are ? This is a level of proof no other Forex signals provider out there is even remotely capable of giving.

Members, who subscribe to receive Email Alerts (for a small extra charge), will receive automatically an email with new Forex Signal directly from the ITM Financial System, as soon as they are discovered. This means that those members can place their trades even faster.

According the ITM team?s tests, 7 out of 10 ITM Financial trades catch 300+ pips a day, and they even proof it with life videos. ITM financial is for those who prefer stable and safely Forex trading

There are a number of life proof videos available already, and every week members will receive a video showing the Top 5 FX Signals of the week and how they were traded.

Additional monthly Training Webinars where ITM FX Analysts will address member?s and give sneak-peaks into the markets in times ahead ? This information alone is worth thousands of dollars if traders were to hire a Forex analyst to advise them on trading.

The ITM Financial Membership comes with a Full 60-day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

The current launch price will very soon triple and thereafter most likely be closed to the public to preserve the value for the privileged early adopters membes group.

For more information and a review, visit http://internettimemachine-review.com/internet-time-machine/itm-financial-review-and-bonus/ or directly to the ITM Financial web site.

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