Hong Kong (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

A published report on Iran?s nuclear program published by the inspectors of the UN last month suggested that there was a 29 per cent increase in the demand for open oil futures positions, which means that the possibility of the oil price rising soaring above USD 150 a month a year was huge. According to a Senior Iranian official, the sanctions imposed on Iran would make oil a lot more expensive at USD 250 a barrel and with the daily demand for oil being around 38 million oil barrels which equals the numbers of oil futures options a week, this presents a dismal situation. The experts at the online Forex trading company InvestTechFX report that the demand from Asian countries like India and China and Iran?s other trading partners was strong enough to prevent a high price rise. So, the ban of Iranian exports may not affect the price and the Forex market is expected to remain stable more or less.

The demand for gold bought by private clients increased by 40 per cent according to a gold dealer in Japan and custom officials reported that they country had never witnessed a peak of 2358 tons since 1985 and considering the fact that only four central banks held all the gold, the total exports were estimated to reach 100 tons in 2011. The demand for metals like Palladium that are central to the automotive industry globally for the manufacture and production of automotive catalytic converters is also expected to normalize the Forex Trading market.

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