Malaga, Spain (PRWEB) February 09, 2012

FX Synergy receives a well deserved and very solid review by, a provider of reviews of Forex brokers, signal providers, courses, software and other products. ?We are delighted to see reviewing our market leading trade management software? says Claus Stokholm, CEO of Pecunia Systems.

In terms of trade management ?FX Synergy is actually a fantastic tool to simplify the process? says Christopher Lewis, the trader who tested the software, adding that with 1-Click Execution ?the amount saved over the long run can really add up over time, scalpers will especially love this feature as it saves time and possible slippage on execution?.

Designed by professional traders to give traders an edge, FX Synergy ?is like a money manager?s piece of software, but highly expanded and gives greater detail,? says Christopher Lewis, adding that ?traders that are looking to manage complex trades or multiple accounts will be hard pressed to find a better solution?. The entire FX Synergy review is available online on the website.

In addition to the review from, independent traders have also begun weighing in on the software’s benefits. FX Synergy ?allows me to execute changes and decisions that I make within seconds,? said Frode Husbyn, a private trader from Norway, adding that ?It also provides me with a much better and easier control of my trades?. FX Synergy is ?an absolute must for both the novice trader and professional? said Rick Thoennes, a professional trader from Minnesota, USA.

Supporting up to 20 MetaTrader accounts, FX Synergy is a true multi-account and multi-broker trade management solution. ?No other trade management software on the market offers 1-click execution across multiple MT4 brokers with a single click? said Claus Stokholm, adding that ?The majority of traders using MetaTrader aren?t aware of how simple and easy their trading would become, if they were using the right tool?.

FX Synergy?s main features include:

1-Click Execution
Risk Calculation
Multiple Accounts & Brokers
Group Trades
Stealth Mode
Trailing Stop (multi-level)
Stop Reverse (multi-level)
Scale In (multi-level)
Partial Close (multi-level)
News Alerts

Pecunia Systems offers a free 30-day trial of FX Synergy on their website.

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