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Forex Market to Be Hit By the Euro Zone ...

Forex Market to Be Hit By the Euro Zone Crisis with Germany Refusing a Fiscal Union Reports ITFX

Hong Kong (PRWEB) December 12, 2011 Europe?s financial and economic deterioration in recent months has raised hopes that European leaders would try their best to ensure that structural changes are made immediately to delay or prevent further deterioration. Experts at the online Forex trading company InvestTechFX report that leaders like Merkel believe that Germany, the […]

Major European Indices Indicate Further ...

Major European Indices Indicate Further Worsening of the Euro Zone Debt Crisis Reports ITFX

Hong Kong, HK (PRWEB) December 14, 2011 Possibilities of the debt crisis worsening increased with no fruitful result even after the recent summit of European leaders and stock markets in Europe and Wall Street experiencing a sharp decline in trading. In order to prevent the debt crisis in Europe from spreading further, politicians Europe are […]

Looming Financial Crisis Threatens Sover...

Looming Financial Crisis Threatens Sovereign Ratings of the EU

Hong Kong, China (PRWEB) November 30, 2011 The credit standing of all European government bond ratings were threatened due to the rapid escalation of the Euro Zone banking and sovereign crisis. Though no further widespread defaults are expected in the interim period, the online forex experts at InvestTechFX say that this scenario carries very negative […]

Euro Debt Crisis Impacts World Economy

Euro Debt Crisis Impacts World Economy

Hong Kong (PRWEB) November 21, 2011 ITFX reports that estimates of third-quarter GDP growth have yet to be released for all 17 countries of the euro zone. Notably absent and with the potential to further drag down the 0.2% growth figure are estimates for Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta and Slovenia. Estonia, with a […]

Focus on Euro Financial Crisis Now Shift...

Focus on Euro Financial Crisis Now Shifted to Italy

Hong Kong, China (PRWEB) November 15, 2011 The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, seems poised to become the next scapegoat in the EU’s ongoing melodrama over the ultimate fate of the euro currency and the economic and political turmoil it has caused in forex currency exchange markets. InvestTechFX experts explain that objective economists are quick […]

InvestTechFX Reports on Possible High Pr...

InvestTechFX Reports on Possible High Probability Trades from the Euro Zone Crisis

(PRWEB) November 09, 2011 Many Forex currency exchange traders labor under the misapprehension that in order to consider themselves to be working, they must have an active trade at all times during a trading session, or at the very least have pending orders waiting to be filled. This thinking not only affects beginning Forex traders. […]

Euro Declines Further with Focus on the ...

Euro Declines Further with Focus on the Financial Crisis Shifting from Greece to Italy

(PRWEB) November 14, 2011 With investors turning their attention to Italy, InvestTechFX reports that the Euro declined today and there were fears of the debt contagion spreading across the Euro Zone. The shrinking industrial production in Germany, the declining retail sales in the Euro Zone, the declining Sentix Investor Confidence and all fundamental reports were […]

ITFX Reports on Recent Performance of Eu...

ITFX Reports on Recent Performance of Euro in Debt Crisis

Hong Kong (PRWEB) November 02, 2011 InvestTechFX reports on a recently formed narrow sideways that is approximately within a 50 pip range on either side of the year?s mid-point, which has the euro equivalent to $ 1.39 US dollars. Technical traders who utilize Japanese candlesticks for FX trading price analysis can easily confirm this sideways […]

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