Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) November 17, 2009

Over 10,000 people awaiting the Tuesday 11/17/09 release of OU’s Forex Mastery Series.

The Options University is a leading global resource for options trading education and training, teaching investors option strategies for safer investing and bigger profits. Founded in 2004, the educational company teaches investors how to enhance portfolio profits and limit risk in today’s markets using options. The Option University offers courses for investors at every level of experience. From The Options 101 Home Study Course to the Options Mastery Series online classes, it has many different products and services to choose from including home study courses, live interactive web classes, and live seminars all over the world plus proprietary options trading software that is provided to students.

One of the Options University’s most highly anticipated product launches is the Forex Mastery Series. People have been blogging about it for weeks and it finally becomes available this Tuesday, 11/17/09.

Forex Mastery is a three part trading system for the currency markets. It was created by the Options University team of Forex experts, all veterans of the market with years of experience and personal trading success. The Options University team takes their extensive knowledge in the field to teach others how to be successful as well.

Forex Mastery is generating so much publicity because people have heard how simple to use it is by itself; and the software tools make it even simpler. The video modules are clear and come with many examples to show people how to trade in a simple fashion. Apart from helping people place high probability trades, ForexMastery can also help people manage their money and risk better and to become not only a more profitable but a more efficient trader.

When asked what the buzz is all about regarding Forex Mastery, Brett Fogle, President and founder of Options University states, “The risk of Forex trading is virtually eliminated and people can be consistently profitable trading Forex in as little as 12 minutes a day. It’s the secret Forex project we’ve been quietly working on for the past few months, known simply as Project X. It is, by far, our best training package we’ve ever produced, times ten. That’s a promise.”

Responding to the question of why Forex Mastery is different from any other training materials out there, Fogle stated, “I’ve gathered the greatest Forex talent available anywhere- a mathematician and a Forex trading veteran, who has actually cracked the hidden levels of the Forex with what some are calling magical precision. Plus an interpreter who has translated the rules of this mathemetician into simple and easy to use software that shows people how and when to enter and exit their Forex trades safely, profitably and consistently, nearly every single time and in any time frame. Whether you’ve never traded Forex before, or you’re a professional Forex trader, Forex mastery will be a game trader for Forex trader.”

The Options University, based in Boca Raton, Florida, has been named as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 privately held companies in the United States. In only four years, the Options University has grown from zero employees to 25 full-time and virtual staff worldwide, with over $ 3 million in revenues for 2007.

According to, “(Options University) is uniquely qualified to become a market leader in this industry based on the quality of the instructors, many of which are former professional floor traders and market makers. It teaches people how to trade options through online trainings, web seminars and home study courses.” Responding to why they believe the Options University is growing, states, “More brokers offer options, but not as many investors understand what options are. The service has become popular with baby boomer retirees who have a retirement account but aren’t happy with their returns.

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