Josh Schultz will launch his Forex Profit Model on August 28th – it could sell out within hours so we would advise you to register your interest right here: Forex Profit Model is the exact system that Josh uses when he himself is trading – the very system that generates an impressively healthy income for him each and every month. UPDATE: Sales cart opens at 9.00am EST (1.00pm GMT) Tuesday Aug 28th – there are only 750 copies up for grabs – you will need to move quickly if you want one !!! Why is Josh closing the doors at 750 ? Simply because in a larger group than that, even with today’s technology, it would not be possible for Josh to give everyone the kind of one-to-one training that he WILL be giving with this program. When I last checked there were only 95 copies left – so you really do need to move quickly if you are interested in grabbing one for yourself. In his time Josh Schultz has coached some of today’s foremost forex traders and he enjoys enormous respect in the forex trading community. He is in fact the in-house trader for the forex newsletter “Tradeology” and his daily analyses of the Forex Market reach a readership of more than 100000 traders from around the globe. His “Forex Profit Model” is a comprehensive must-have educational resource for any trader intent on making a serious income from forex. If you want to be one of the 5% that make a success of Forex trading you need to have a high quality proven system from an experienced trader who knows
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